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Travel Photography Tip – Culture

Capturing the place, people, history & the culture of a destination in one shot. Travel Photography Tip - Culture - Travel Photography Tips & Tricks Series

Photography – The Art of Seeing

WarSaw or WarSee - Photography - The Art of Seeing War (WW-II) saw to it that Warsaw was decimated. 80% buildings were destroyed by the aggressors. But, remarkably,...
Travelove Series 4

Travelove Series 4 – True Meaning of Homage

...the scale of WW-II holocaust, the museum-cum-memorial has exhibited an architect's model, which graphically details out the prisoners being led into the gas chamber and their subsequent fate.
Warsaw: A Phoenix that Rose from its Ashes

Warsaw: A Phoenix that Rose from its Ashes

The Old Town houses Jewish quarters, Warsaw University, many significant cathedrals, the Royal Palace, the President's House, King Sigmund's Column (Zygmunt III Waza in Polish) and one of the 2 custodians of the city - the Mermaid. The square that houses the Mermaid reminded me of the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the square in front of the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, as it is packed with roadside cafés offering beer and food, artists offering to paint for you, performers playing concert instruments, tourists gaping in awe, newly-weds excitedly engaged in their portfolio shoots and locals just chilling.
Krakow: The City with Many Faces

Krakow: The City with Many Faces

I found myself collecting ink-stamped postcard souvenirs in ‘Schindler's Factory’, which has now been turned in to a museum. It vividly illustrates the role played by Oskar Schindler in saving the lives of hundreds of Jews while Nazis were sending them all to Auschwitz

Hell’s Gate or Gate of Death

This notorious entrance to Auschwitz-II (Birkenau), a WW-II Nazi Concentration Camp in Poland, was the worst site of the WW-II Holocaust. Various estimates put...
Haunting Photographs of Auschwitz Memorial Camp - A Moving Photo Essay World War-II Holocaust

Auschwitz – Remembering the WW-II Holocaust

As if in a daze, I moved from one building to another. In each, some reminder of the... Haunting Photographs of Auschwitz Memorial Camp - WW-II Holocaust