Paris Instagram Roundup


Ever since I started posting an-image-a-day on Instagram, I have posted many series on different destinations. Notable amongst them have been my series on New York City (NYC) and Ladakh (you may check those out here – NYC Instagram | Ladakh Instagram).

Here is one of those AGAIN. This time, it is Paris Instagram Roundup – a city arguably considered the most romantic city in the world and a destination with plenty of heritage.

I hope you enjoy Paris Instagram Roundup as much as my other Instagram roundups.


The series ran from 20th August to 8th Sept 2017. It got 3133 likes, 159 comments, and 1 re-share. My Instagram account got 20 new followers.

Here’s the Paris Instagram Roundup

Paris Instagram Roundup
My first shot of the series was this image from the rooftop of Notre Dame, a UNESCO heritage site. Here’s the gargoyle that seems to be watching over the city of Paris.
If you have been to Paris, have you been atop Notre Dame? It accords a stunning view of the city!
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Instagram Roundup
One of the largest cathedrals, Notre Dame is a UNESCO site. It was completed in 1345 CE. This image is of the western facade of the cathedral.
Have you ever queued up here to get in?


Interestingly, the above image was re-posted by Paris_Tourisme and it garnered 4,314 likes!

Image re-posted by Paris_Tourisme from Paris Instagram Roundup

Paris Instagram Roundup
Inside the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral. Structurally, it makes you marvel at the advanced techniques used many hundred years ago!
Eiffel Tower in Paris Instagram Roundup
Here’s an exaggerated capture of Eiffel Tower. A 17mm lens does crazy things to structures! We had 20 minutes before being allowed up. This is one of my captures during that time.
Have you tried capturing Eiffel Tower from near its base?
View of River Seine in Paris Instagram Roundup
Here a gorgeous view of the River Seine from the third level of Eiffel Tower.
Have you been up there?
Conciergerie from Paris Instagram Roundup
Here’s the massive guard room of the Conciergerie – a building that used to house prisoners in pre-revolution era. Architecturally, it uses the classical pattern to support the voluminous hall.
Did you miss out on this magnificent structure because of its more famous neighbour – the Notre-Dame Cathedral?
Conciergerie facade from Paris Instagram Roundup
This is the facade of the Conciergerie that houses the courtrooms today. Earlier, it was a part of the royal palace complex that also housed the prison and Sainte Chapelle Cathedral.
Have you visited this fascinating complex?
Inside Sainte Chapelle from Paris Instagram Roundup
As you enter Sainte Chapelle in the Conciergerie complex, this stunning statue surrounded by exquisite stained glass windows greet you.
Which place’s stained glass work do you love the most?
Musee D'Orsay from Paris Instagram Roundup
Musee D’Orsay, one of the many buildings along the banks of River Seine that got UNESCO to declare these banks as a Heritage Site.
Do you know of some other buildings that contributed to this declaration?
Fontainebleau Chateau from Paris Instagram Roundup
Let’s go to the Paris suburbs today. Here’s a shot from Château de Fontainebleau – a chateau built in the 12th century. It is a UNESCO site today!
Do you know the other famous landmark from this little suburb?


View of Sainte Chapelle Interior in Paris Instagram Roundup
Once you turn left inside Sainte Chapelle Cathedral, an even grander stained glass windows leave you gaping in awe!
Have you seen it?
The Catacombs image from the Paris Instagram Roundup
A quick look at the underbelly of Paris – the Catacombs! It holds remains of over 6 million people. Paris Musées manages 14 City of Paris Museums. One of them is The Catacombs. It is also called the world’s largest grave because of the number of remains here.
Have you visited this unique attraction?
Paris Instagram Roundup covers Château Versailles
Let’s get out again and visit Château Versailles! As you enter and start your visit through the museum, the first huge quadrangle you see is this! The shiny-gold structural embellishments reflect opulence!
Paris Instagram Roundup takes you inside Château Versailles
Inside the palace of Château Versailles, the hall of mirrors is a fascinating space that leaves you open-mouthed! Have a look!
Have you been here?
Paris Instagram Roundup covers the Gardens of Château Versailles
Château Versailles gardens take the cake! The chateau is a UNESCO site – in this instance, I suspect it got that status thanks to its gardens!
Do you like landscaped and manicured gardens?
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel - Paris Instagram Roundup
Let’s now enter the Louvre through Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. This magnificent arch competes ably with the Arc de Triomphe that Paris is famous for! Have you been here?
Tuileries Gardens - Paris Instagram Roundup
As you enter from the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, the Tuileries Gardens bewitches you! Here is one place in Paris where art is splashed around without any care! Each statue more priceless than the other, this place is richer than most art galleries around the globe.
Louvre Pyramid in Paris Instagram Roundup
Dan Brown immortalised the pyramids in the Louvre. The most prominent of those 7 is the one just outside the museum. Though it should seem structurally jarring, it surprises you as it blends in effortlessly! Do you know which pyramid is almost as prominent inside the Louvre?


Paris Instagram Roundup
Arc de Triomphe should not be confused with Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel that stands at the entrance of the Louvre. It commemorates the sacrifice of those who gave away their lives during the revolution and the Napoleonic wars. It stands at the Western end of Champs-Élysées.
Trocadero from Paris Instagram Roundup
The third level of Eiffel Tower accords a gorgeous view of Trocadero – a symmetrical building with two unconnected wings. This building houses a few museums now!
Paris Opera in Paris Instagram Roundup
Academie Nationale de Musique (or simply called Paris Opera) was founded in 1669. Its building boasts exquisite classical architecture. The famous Galeries Lafayette is in its neighbourhood.
Mont Martre from Paris Instagram Roundup
Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur, Montmartre: The artists who sketched out your portraits in minutes made the top of this 130-metre hill famous. During this visit, I didn’t find those artists there. Does anyone know why they have vanished?
Eiffel Tower Baker's Illumination from Paris Instagram Roundup
A shot of Eiffel Tower with its world-famous baker’s illumination!

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