Photo Essay – Flowing Dreams!

Photo Essay – Flowing Dreams!

A brief ‘How To’ of a Photo Essay

Photo essays are tricky business. Not only do they requires coherent thought process, but also coherent, unified imagery. Using colour images has an inherent issue. Clashing colours may lead to dilution. Doesn’t mean we must do photo essays in black & white only. But B&W does have its advantages. 

Here’s my photo essay that won me the grand prize in National Geographic Traveller Photo Essay Contest – a 3-day-surfing-lessons trip to Mulki (Mangalore). Theme was WATER. And my title – Flowing Dreams!

For unifying diverse imagery, I had used slow shutter speed. It gave a dreamy feel to water. Also, it starkly contrasted static elements of the images. Introducing a night shot also gave a holistic feel. Lesser words helped too as they discourage flitting thoughts in the mind. Try creating some of your own. As someone once said, only practice makes perfect.

To see it on National Geographic Traveller’s site, click here.

Photo Essay – Flowing Dreams!

Flowing water is therapeutic. It soothes the soul. Its sight and sound inspires a flow of dreams. Behold a few of its myriad manifestations.

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