Photography – The Art of Seeing

Photography – The Art of Seeing

Buskers playing music in Old Town, Warsaw
Buskers playing music in Old Town, Warsaw

WarSaw or WarSee – Photography – The Art of Seeing

War (WW-II) saw to it that Warsaw was decimated. 80% buildings were destroyed by the aggressors.

But, remarkably, the Poles have rebuilt the city on its ruins and modelled it on the pre-war architecture. Result: you can still see the old town that was almost completely destroyed. This prompts me to call this resilient city WarSee.

As travel photographers, it becomes our responsibility to fine-tune our eye and develop what we call in photography – the art of seeing. My attempt, here, is to illustrate just that.

Photography - The Art of Seeing
One of the many WW-II holocaust memorials in Warsaw Old Town

The old town is dotted by small memorials associated with WW-II. A gentle, yet horrific reminder of the War. And while moving about, these details must not be missed.

This gives the city a unique flavor – especially the Old Town. The basements are visibly old. But the aboveground structures, despite their pre-war architecture, are modern.

Newly weds pose for their candids in front of the Mermaid (Old Town Warsaw) - one of the two saviours of WarsawThis nightmare has done little to the happy-go-lucky spirit attributed to the Poles. While acknowledging this gory past, they remain as brimming with life as ever. Such cultural imprint is what brings a city or a town alive for your viewers.

Photography - The Art of Seeing
Warsaw Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, cast in bronze

In acknowledgement of this near-perfect reconstruction, UNESCO accorded the Old Town the World Heritage status in 1980. You can rightfully say that here’s a phoenix that rose remarkably well from its ashes!

(See this bronze cast image above? Such little nuggets lie sprinkled inconspicuously in the destination you visit. And these need to be unearthed. This, in effect, is what we call in photography – the art of seeing!).

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