Social Media Oscars – OSM Awards

Social Media Oscars – OSM Awards


Outlook Group is a leading media house in India. They are normally on the leading edge of innovation in the field of news and communication in India. This year being their 21st anniversary, they have launched another ‘first’ in the country – the Outlook Social Media Awards (OSM Awards, pronounced ‘Awesome Awards’).

More details about these awards are HERE and more details about Outlook Group are HERE.

Social Media Oscars – OSM Awards

The industry observers have already labelled these awards as the Social Media Oscars and this being its inaugural year, the prestige associated with winning it is unparalleled.

I was nominated late into these awards in ‘Shutterbug of the Year’ (‘Photographer of the Year’) category. I know some friend of mine had nominated me, but despite asking around, I still haven’t figured out who.

Besides me, there are 12 other photographers in this category – some known, some unknown (actually, there were more, but some names were removed by the award screening committee as they felt those nominations did not meet the basic criterion of the category/awards).

I discovered about my nomination on 1st September 2016 and realised that I am at a princely ZERO PERCENT votes, while some contenders had already surged ahead with over 20% votes.

To escape the ignominy of being at zero percent, I appealed to my online friends through my Facebook profile, Facebook page, some Facebook groups, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. As a result, I started inching ahead. My friends have been good to me – they have voted repeatedly. Three weeks later, I found myself ahead of all the other contenders in the category.

That is when I was approached by the Outlook Group and was invited as a frontrunner for the Award Ceremony scheduled for 5th of October 2016.

Catch Up Game

The day before yesterday, I realised that another contender had crept dangerously close in terms of the percentage of votes. I renewed my appeal to my friends and they again responded in hordes. In fact, I am touched as many of them have taken it upon themselves to ensure I remain ahead. They have been sharing my ‘appeal for votes’ posts, retweeting my voting link tweets, posting the appeals for votes in some more groups, their own Facebook walls, their friends’ Facebook walls – in short, they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that I continue to lead.

This has resulted in the gap between me and the nearest contender widening again.

Why this post?

Since the voting closes tomorrow, my friends may still VOTE FOR ME twice – once today and once tomorrow. The link for voting is HERE.

Please vote to ensure I win this inaugural OSM Shutterbug of the Year Award. If you have voted, shared this link, or have retweeted, please do leave a comment. Many thanks in advance!

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