Travelove Series 5 – She Obliged!

Travelove Series 5 – She Obliged!

Travelove Series 5.
Collecting wood for next winters in spring season.

Travelove Series is about the smiles I have gathered during my travels. I consciously look for Travelove during my travels.

Travelove Series 5 – She Obliged!

I was trekking back from the seldom-visited Satbaran cave in Kalaroos, Lolab Valley (Kashmir). This 7-doored cave leading to Russia was used by ancient Silk-routers during winters when the Valley was knee-deep or more in snow and is around 10kms from LOC.

The trek back was treacherous with narrow pathway carved along the edge of cliff – one little missed step could plunge you down a few hundred feet. The tops of typically 40-50 metres tall deodar trees growing on the slopes below were almost at my eye level.

A rustling sound and an unusual movement close to the top of one deodar caught my attention. I realised a young woman in her early twenties had climbed all the way up there. My guide mentioned she was collecting wood for next winters. It surprised me since the spring had barely started.

I knew that people around these areas were skeptical of strangers for religious reasons and the not-so-distant past of terrorism and disturbances. All the same, the sight was so rare that I requested her to pose for my camera. To my delight, she smilingly obliged. And the moment became a cherished memory for me!

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