Travel Photography Nightscape

Travel Photography Nightscape

Travel Photography NightscapeEquipment: EOS 60D  EF-S10-22mm  f/3.5-4.5 USM

EXIF: 12mm  f/3.5  10sec  ISO 100

Travel Photography Nightscape – Sydney

In Travel Photography, nightscape is a desirable shot. Many-a-times, for lack of a vantage or opportunity, it doesn’t work out so well. Not so for my visit to Sydney. Even before booking a hotel, I went to Google Maps and figured out a hotel with a great vantage, as being there would surely accord me the opportunity. Shangri-La passed muster and that’s where I went.

Here’s a 10-sec exposure, shot from the 33rd floor of Shangri-La that gave a superb view of both, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House (How I got a room on the 33rd floor is another story and you may read it here). I opted for long exposure since I wanted the ISO to be at 100 (the least). Additionally, I was clear that long light trails of traffic on the Harbour Bridge are a must!

ISO – The Dilemma

It is always a dilemma you face – to increase the length of exposure by keeping ISO low or to reduce the length of the exposure by pumping up the ISO, depending on which is likely to give you lesser noise. There are no easy answers. You just need to shoot and figure it out. Though personally, I veer more towards keeping the ISO low, you may take your own call.

Any suggestions that you may have on the ISO issue, are welcome!

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