Travelove Series 6 – He wins. I smile.

Travelove Series 6 – He wins. I smile.

Travelove Series 6
He wins!

Travelove Series is about the smiles I have gathered during my travels every time I am out for Travel Photography. I consciously look for Travelove during my travels.

Travelove Series 6 – He wins. I smile.

It was just past sunrise. The water in the river Ganges was shimmering like a sequined stole in bright morning sunlight. The horizon was dotted with silhouettes on one side, and striking, bright colours on the other.

Our boat was gently being guided through seemingly placid waters of Ganges. Seeing my camera gear, our boatman, a confident young man who had grown up on the ghats of Varanasi, became curious about my profession.

I mentioned that I shoot and write about cities to turn them into desirable destinations. I also explained that this meant that I must know a lot about the cities I write about (Ha!).

A mischievous smile suddenly danced on his face and he mockingly asked if I knew how Varanasi got its name. Seeing that I was foxed, he went on to explain that Varanasi was named after two of its 80 ghats. The first in the sequence is Varun Ghat, and the last is Assi (80) Ghat; Varun and Assi together led to the name, Varanasi.

After illuminating me about this little nugget, he burst into a victorious smile. I figured his day was made. I smiled along admiringly. And I remember the instance to this day!

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