Travelove Series 8 – Smokeless Upgrade

Travelove Series 8 – Smokeless Upgrade

Travelove Series is about the smiles I have gathered during my travels. I consciously look for Travelove during my travels.

Travelove Series 8 – Smokeless Upgrade

I was heading out to Sydney. It was my first visit to Australia. As a travel photographer, I wanted to stay in a hotel that provided me vantage for shooting the Harbour Bridge and Opera House together.

My research threw up Shangri La as a perfect vantage. While booking my room, I made a specific request for a ‘Smoking’ room with a view, mentioning it was important for me, as I am a photographer. I received the booking voucher but it was silent on my request. I followed it up with another mail, repeating my request. Still, I received no response.

Soon, it was time to travel. Upon arrival there, I repeated my request at the check-in counter, only to be told that throughout Australia, the hotels do not allow smoking in the rooms. Apparently, it was because of the government regulation.

While I understood the law of the land, what I protested about was their complete lack of response to my request. The check-in lady went through my booking and earlier requests. She realised that the hotel had not responded. 

To make up for this lapse, I was upgraded to one of their higher floors. I did not get a ‘Smoking’ room. But, she gave me a room on 33rd floor that offered the best view of the two landmarks. It accorded me the opportunity to photograph these iconic structures any time during the day and night. And made my 3-day stay there really worthwhile.

Travelove Series 8
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Every time I see any of my Sydney images, I end up blessing that considerate front office girl at Shangri La.

Do you look for Travelove when you travel?

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